Week Period Promotion Type Prize announced date Prize Quantity Total Prize Amount
14-Nov 00:00 AM~ 20-Nov 23:59 PM Cash Drop 23-Nov 16:00 pm X4,400 € 25,000
21-Nov 00:00 AM ~ 27-Nov 23:59 PM Tournaments 30-Nov 16:00 pm X2,500 € 25,750
28-Nov 00:00 AM ~ 04-Dec 23:59 PM Cash Drop 07-Dec 16:00 pm X4,400 € 25,000
05-Dec 00:00 AM ~ 11-Dec 23:59 PM Tournaments 14-Dec 16:00 pm X2,500 € 25,750

[ 💰 Cash Drop 💰 ]
1. The Cash Drop winners are based on the players who wager in Netent, Red tiger, and Big Time Gaming during the promo cash drop periods. 

2. The Cash Drop will run weekly from 14-Nov,2022 00:00 am to 20-Nov,2022 23:59 pm & 28-Nov,2022 00:00 am to 04-Dec,2022 23:59 pm. There are 2 Cash Drops during the promotion periods. 

3. Qualified Slot game: All Netent, Redtiger & Big Time Gaming (except RNG table games)

4. There’re 4,400 prizes worth € 25,000 which will be given to players weekly during the promotion period.

[ 🏆 Tournament 🏆 ]

1. The Tournament winners are based on the highest wager amount.

2. The Tournament will run weekly from 21-Nov, 2022 00:00 am to 27-Nov,2022 23:59 pm & 05-Dec,2022 00:00 am to 11-Dec,2022 23:59 pm. There are 2 tournaments during the promotion (except RNG table games)

4. Leaderboard info will update daily top 2,500 players on the pro promotion periods. 

3. Qualified Slot game: All Netent, Red tiger & Big Time Gaming webpage the next day. (10:00 UTC+0)

5. If there are two or more players with the same score on the tournament leaderboard, the player who scores it first will get the higher position on the leaderboard.

6. There are 2,500 prizes total worth  25,750 which will be given to players per week during the promotion period.

[ Term and Condition]
1. The Qualified Members will continue to be eligible for prizes in the next period.

2. Winners will be announced in the week after the promo within 3 working days at 4:00 pm (GMT+8)

3. The total prize amount on the banner, will send in batches in H2 2022 within 4 promotions. 

4. Evolution reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time and without prior notice.